Indispensable Goods

I’m going to move discussion of the book Indispensable Goods to a fixed page, so that it will be accessible as my blog posts move on to my next project.  I’ll post links about the book here as they become available, and also entertain questions, objections, or disagreements—and, if I’m lucky, perhaps some suggestions about how to extend the arguments I’ve made.

I’ve been asked about a Kindle version of the book, but it is my plan that there will never be one.  Let me explain.  It seems to be sufficiently well established that reading online or on devices leads to far less retention and comprehension than reading a physical printed text.  Even so-called “digital natives” retain far less of what they read, and are less able to follow complex arguments, when reading a book on Kindle.  So, much as I love my Kindle for reading detective and horror novels, I don’t think it’s of much use for reading an extended philosophical argument, particularly one in which later chapters require recall of earlier chapters.

My goal here is to shift the way we think.  Skimming for the “conclusions” will be of no use—because the real function is in following the kinds of argument that led to those conclusions.  The form of argument is more important, and the goal is to make readers into the kinds of subject who can reason and argue in this way.

So I plan for there only ever to be a print version of the book.

Here are some links to the Amazon sites where you can order the book:

In the UK

In the US

Looking forward to your feedback!  And remember—this is a great book to give those graduating from college this year!  (Or, perhaps, those recent graduates stuck in neutral and facing an economic depression like we haven’t sent in generations.)


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