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I have posted here some essays from the Speculative Non-buddhism blog that I think are of relevance to my project here.

I have also posted a PDF of the entire text of the previous instantiation of this blog, attempting to make a thorough study of the concept of dependent origination, but abandoned while less than half complete.

All of these writings have garnered a surprising volume of hostile response and prompted not a few personal attacks (including threats of physical assualt), but to date nobody has made a single argument refuting them, and some readers have mentioned they found the essays particularly helpful.

The negative response is usually of two kinds: 1)You are wrong, but I won’t say why because only the initiated mystic could understand your error, or 2) You are wrong because there is a transcendent consciousness that is in every way exactly described by the definition of “atman” but is not an atman because we use a different word for it (true self, substrate consciousness, pure mind, etc.).  Both are usually accompanied by inane assertions that I am a postmodernist and so obviously wrong, and that I must be angry and mean, because I am attached to thinking and only an angry unhappy person would want to think.  I mention this only because if you try to advance arguments like these, you will need to be prepared for these same foolish responses; some people just can’t handle the truth.  I have begun to think that anyone who makes such responses is best ignored, and energy focused on those who are in a subject position more amenable to awakening.

Feel free to copy or distribute these essays, if they are of interest to you.

Taking Anatman Full Strength

Naturalizing Buddhism without Being Reductive

Radical Shin

The Metaphysics of Dependent Origination

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