Chapter 27: In which the book gradually comes to an end…

The manuscript is done.  In the revised form it is a bit different from my original working outline, but the purpose remains the same.  I’ve tweaked and proofread and formatted until I can’t think of another thing to do with it.  At this point, the only thing I’m not satisfied with is the preface, so that may change. 

All the publishers I could think of have at this point passed on the project.  None were even willing to read a sample—the outline was enough to convince them it isn’t marketable.   I may spend some time looking for other publishers, and if that goes nowhere I will probably consider self-publishing it.  

In the meantime, if anyone who has followed this quixotic project here is interested I’d be grateful for some feedback on the manuscript.  One of my concerns is that reading digitally (such as reading on this blog) is one of the causes of our intellectual decline in recent decades.  To that end, I do not want there to ever be a digital version of this book.  I will be printing out a few copies, though, and if there are any readers here interested enough to plow through 300 pages of my writing and give some response (I am NOT looking for copy editing!), I could mail a copy out the old fashioned way.  Let me know.  

In the future, I expect this blog to be limited to progress reports on this book project, and if it ever sees the light of day to encouraging discussion and response of the book.  

My next plan is to shift gears a bit, and revive an old project called “Imaginary Relations.”  This was an online journal devoted to marxist, feminist, psychoanalytic and deconstructive critiques of aesthetic objects.  The idea was to avoid the current trend in literary studies, which discourages publishing essays engaging with single “texts.”  In reviving this, we continue to believe that there is value to considering texts the way audiences engage them, without necessarily trying to place them in some broad “theme” or trend.  

We want to see discussion of individual “texts” that considers their function for the audience.  What kind of subjects do they make us into?  What kinds of pleasures do they give, and why?  By “text” we mean anything from Proust to the Super Bowl.  I hope not to be writing all the posts in this project, so if anyone has an idea I hope you’ll consider contacting me.  

Other that that, I plan to devote my time to creative writing and trying to find a new line of work now that I no longer teach.  

Happy Holidays!